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TECES’s active participation in the revision of the SRIP Smart Buildings and Home Action Plan for 2020–2022

TECES is one of the key stakeholders in the revision of the SRIP Smart Buildings and Home including Wood Chain Action Plan for the period 2020–2022. The activities are part of Slovenia’s preparatory efforts for the new European cohesion policy for the programming period 2021–2027, and so are the requirements to revise Slovenia’s Smart Specialisation Strategy (S4).

The revised action plan is based on the experience gained in SRIP’s three years of operation and represents an evolution of the SRIP PSiDL operation as it was initially devised in SRIP’s basic action plan for the period 2017–2019. The need to revise the plan arose as a consequence of increasing digitalisation and the intertwining of solutions for smart and sustainable buildings and their integration into the smart communities of the future, against the increasingly diverse demands and needs of users.

The draft of the revised Action Plan SRIP PSiDL for the period 2020–2022 is now under discussion, its content being harmonised by the key ministries before it enters the next round of the “entrepreneurial discovery” process in S4’s revision. It is expected that the revision will be completed by the end of 2020.

You can read more about the revision of the action plan and the new focus areas on the SRIP PSiDL website, which is available HERE.

TECES is one of SRIP PSiDL's three key stakeholders. He is SRIP’s holder and one of the partnership's content coordinators. TECES is thus taking an active part in the revision of the SRIP PSiDL action plan for the period 2020–2022. The revised SRIP PSiDL action plan also presents strategic orientations for the operation of SRIP for the period 2021–2027.

The biggest changes to the revised action plan have been made specifically in those focus areas in which TECES is coordinating the most activities and is offering support to members within SRIP PSiDL. These are in particular:

  • Building Management and Supplies, including connectivity to the Smart Community: the area that is broad in scope and which includes devices, systems and services which, together with the interior, allow a seamless functioning and management of the building itself in line with user requirements or the given environment, at the same time allowing a full connection between the building and the community and city infrastructure.

  • Interior Elements: comprises products which are not part of the construction process itself but which are elements of interior furnishing, brought into the building at a later stage (home appliances, light and lighting solutions, etc.) and

  • Smart Nearly-Zero Energy (NZE) Buildings: an integration area which involves not only manufacturers but also stakeholders in innovative planning and design, bringing together numerous construction and other products into a basic, but complex, foundation for sustainable buildings. The area covers integral products, such as those for modular and mobile living units, on-site rapid construction systems, wooden buildings (with frame construction and cross-laminated timber (CLT) construction), as well as traditional massive construction.

The focus areas will be presented again in the future with more details specified.

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