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After 20 years we have changed our name to TECES, Green Tech Cluster

After 20 years of operation and in line with the renewal strategy, we have changed our name to TECES, Green Tech Cluster. The shortened name of our organisation will remain TECES.

TECES scope of operations is much larger today than it was in 2001, when TECES was established. We are not only working in the field of electrical devices and machines, but also in the much broader area of green technologies and energy-efficient solutions, in the effort to tackle global energy and environmental challenges.

In recent years, we have further strengthened our activities and services for our founders, members and partners. This has been in line with guidelines and the concept of innovation clusters, in support of green transformation in both the civilian and defence domains. The broader scope of activities, the greater and increasingly diverse number of stakeholders, the strengthening of international cooperation and the awareness of the added value of TECES in development partnerships of a greater number of partners, have all led to strategy renewal and thus to a change to the longer title for TECES.

However, our primary mission remains: improving the competitiveness of our members by creating synergies and by fostering cooperation between companies, research & educational institutions and the Government.

A tour of our history between 2001 and 2021

The creation of TECES was one of the first innovation measures taken by the Slovenian government in promoting technological cooperation. It was founded in 2001 by globally oriented Slovenian companies from the electronics and electrical industries and research & educational institutions, with the aim of strengthening mutual cooperation. In the early years, the focus was mainly on strengthening development capacities in the field of electrical machines and drives, hence the long original name "TECES, Tehnološki center za električne stroje” (Technological Centre for Electrical Machines).

We have come a long way in 20 years: from our initial role as a technology centre and competence holder in the field of electrical machines, to an intermediate role as a strategic development partner offering in-house development competences and solutions in the fields of energy converters, electric drives and power electronics, to our current role as an internationally recognised innovation cluster and holder/ coordinator of strategic development partnerships and projects in the field of green technologies and energy-efficient solutions.

Today, TECES focuses on supporting our members and partners in the areas of green technologies, energy-efficient devices, systems and solutions, environmental and user-friendly connected smart buildings, smart-cities energy supply, energy generation, conversion, distribution, storage and use, energy integrated management both for civil, defence and dual-use (defence and civil).

Our activities focus on supporting joint development and research, technology demonstration projects, strengthening strategic international cooperation between value chain holders, suppliers, solution providers and final users. Additional support is also on the human resource development and providing additional national or international funding for joint projects.

Reason for the choice of name

The long title TECES, Green Tech Custer was chosen based on the following reasons:

  • Acting in line with the innovation cluster concept
    Bringing together diverse stakeholders through the concept of innovation clusters and the creation of synergies between key stakeholders, in a “Triple Helix” or “Quadruple Helix” innovation system. For instance, industry–research organisations–government.

  • Engagement in the area of green technologies and solutions
    We would like to stress that we work in the field of green technologies, the basis for the environmental and energy-efficient solutions that underpin modern energy-efficient products and solutions. Of course, this takes into account current trends of sustainability and circular economy principles in product development, production, use and decommissioning.

Thus, the new title allows for a wide range of activities, implicitly covering our founders’ various fields of action, alongside those of our members and partnerships, under the TECES umbrella, whilst also embracing upcoming trends.

Despite all the changes and the renaming of the long title, our mission remains: to improve the competitiveness of our founders and members by creating synergies and by fostering cooperation between companies, research & educational institutions and the government.

What are innovation clusters?

Innovation clusters are designed to strengthen the growth and competitiveness of cluster members in an organised manner within a specific region. They include innovative start-ups; small, medium and large enterprises; research organisations and educational institutions; government representatives, and other stakeholders.

They are defined as groups of firms, related economic actors, and institutions within a locality that have reached a sufficient scale to develop specialised expertise, services, resources, suppliers and skills.

Cluster organisations are the legal entities that support collaboration, networking and learning in innovation clusters. They act as innovation support providers, providing or channelling specialised and customised business support services with the aim of stimulating innovation activities, especially in SMEs. They are usually the actors that facilitate strategic partnering across clusters.

"Triple in Quadruple Helix" inovacijski sistem delovanja deležnikov TECES

You can read more about clusters on the European cluster collaboration platform website.

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